Plastic injection molding defense

What is injection molding? Think of it like an assembly line, except carried out entirely by a machine that can produce an exact replica of the model each and every time. In other words, it’s a highly advanced and highly technical process that begins with computer rendering and ends with a finished product that comes out to meet specifications 100%. That’s the case for a number of reasons.

A multitude of products

You probably never give much thought to the genesis of the everyday items you find around the house, but you should. In fact, the plastic injection molding process plays a big role in several items you likely have tucked away in various corners of your kitchen, living room or bedroom. Wire spools, bottle caps, pocket combs, musical instruments and even the dashboard inside your car all have plastic injection mold makers to thank for their existence.

A simple operation

Custom plastic injection molding is essentially a very easy procedure that utilizes two different molding plates to create a fillable mold. These two plates, called A and B, respectively, help accurately capture the shape of the object. From there, hundreds of thousands of new objects can be created from that exact same mold in the future.

A set of specific conditions

Because plastic injection mold design is such a unique process, the machines that enable the finished product to take shape must be kept at a very precise temperature and humidity level. Some routine maintenance is required in order for these machines to continue to perform their functions, but for the most part, they’re left untouched. That’s to ensure the exact dimensions can be met each and every time when it comes to plastic injection mold makers.

A slight push

The process, besides utilizing the mold plates, also relies on nearly full completion of the mold itself. The mold will be filled until about it’s about 95% full, then a bit of pressure will be added to complete the process t he plastic injection mold maker begins. Without this tiny bit of pressure, the mold might not yield the right results.

A better benefit

So what’s the value of the plastic injection molding process for businesses? For starters, it significantly cuts production costs because of how expediently the machines can complete the task. Second, you simply can’t put a price on precision. But then again, you actually can, and you should — all with the help of plastic injection mold makers.

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