Looking More Closely Into Problems Faced By Our Workforce

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Employee retention rates in the United States have become quite concerning in the workforce as a whole. This is not a problem that is being faced by one specific field or another but is instead one that is being dealt with across the board. After all, by the June of 2015 it had been found that more than two and a half million people have voluntarily left their jobs in search of new ones. In comparison to just two years prior, this marked a growth in such activity and behavior of as much as 25%, a full one quarter. In many cases, this activity has continued into our present day – and is likely to keep continuing if we do not take steps to better support our workers, no matter what field they might be working in.

Unfortunately, Millennials have all too often shouldered the blame for many of society’s woes. Sadly, this has become no exception to that unfortunate rule, with Millennials even earning the moniker of the “job hopping generation.” And while up to 60% of all employees falli

Finding the Right Phone System for Your Business Can Be Crucial

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For any business, one of the most important things to get right is the proper channels of communication. Whether it is internal communication between departments and personnel or external communication with customers, suppliers, and business partners, having the right communication solutions can be empowering in a variety of ways. Modern communication technologies have made a lot of things possible that can be leveraged and integrated into the communication workflow of businesses to great effect. Keeping this in mind, finding the right communication solutions for your business and implementing them according to a solid plan can definitely be a worthwhile proposition.

When it comes to effective business communication, there can be quite a few criteria to keep in mind. The communication technologies that you choose need to provide foolproof, reliable communication that is economical and cost-effective. You also need a set of features that can make it easier to fine-tune and streamli

When Is the Right Time to Hire an External HR Consultant for Your Startup

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At some point during the life of a business, business founders tend to question whether they really need a HR department. While many HR departments only comprise of a handful of people, businesses are looking to cut on cost of running HR departments by hiring HR consultants to carry out recruitment of new staff on behalf of the firm on per-need basis. Understandably enough for many businesses, HR consultants are not high on the list of their priorities as they have to worry about business development managers and marketing managers as their priorities to help drive business growth. Ironically, you will need the help of a HR consultant to hire these same people that are on top of many businesses list. So what exactly are the duties of a HR consultant? Being that startup hr is a common challenge for many businesses, executive hr recruiters are supposed to develop policies and procedures in startup hr, recruit new staff, ensure training and development of employees as well as ensure