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There are few creations in the past 100 years that can boast the staying power of the internet. With that said, a large part of what’s done on the internet consists of online sales. Companies use the internet to market themselves, and consumers use the internet to find products or services. Ultimately, companies invest in web design and other internet marketing strategies to boost their sales and outsell the competition.

Because of the advancements in technology made in the past few years, people are able to connect to the internet via their mobile devices and tablets, and many people prefer shopping online on a mobile device. Interestingly, just under half of mobile shoppers say that if they find a website that does not work well from a mobile device they take it as a sign that the company does not care about their website.

A whopping 46 percent of mobile internet users have problems with mobile websites. Because of that, many companies are focusing more on mobile web design. Many companies work with mobile applications developers, who can help optimize company websites or applications for mobile devices.

According to Econsultancy research, 62 percent of companies with a website optimized for mobile use saw increased sales. Since four fifths of companies consider overall conversion rate a major priority for website optimization programs, companies engage in mobile websites as a medium through which to attract customers then keep them happy.

Just over half of businesses are conducting user testing for their websites in the United States. Many companies try out different strategies before utilizing them full time. For instance, a company might debut a logo design or mobile website and then change it based on consumer responses or an increase or decrease in sales.

When a small business or company wants to work on their website, they typically get in touch with professional website designers. Since website optimization and other internet marketing activities take away from the core areas of business, a large number of businesses prefer to outsource both, and professional companies exist for specifically that reason.

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