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Technology has found a way to upgrade every part of business, from online accounting software to Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). If you’re looking to modernize your business, but lack any idea where to start your upgrades, here’s some brief handy info about some systems you should consider!

Online Account Software.

Online accounting software helps business owners keep their faster, easier, and cheaper. According to Shelly Elmblad, an guide writer, the biggest benefit of online accounting software is its cost, because these programs don’t require any huge upfront payments. In fact, many online accounting software programs even have free trials that let business owners get the feel for the program, and decide if it’s worth their time and money. Instead of paying a huge fee to obtain the program, businesses pay a small monthly fee, usually around $20 for the online accounting software services.

The other two large benefits of online accounting software are the security and the accessibility they allow. Because many online accounting software programs utilize cloud technology, any data entered and saved is sent to a secure server so that if your system crashes, nothing’s lost. Also, because of this cloud technology, it’s possible to access this data from any computer, or mobile device, making it possible to do accounting on the go.

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).

HRIS, also known sometimes as Human Resource Management Systems solutions (HRMS solutions) assists with the efficient and effective management of your business’s most important resource–its employees–the “human capitol” component. These systems have a plethora of different solutions for the Human Resources Department’s needs, including employee information management, employee information reporting and analysis, company related documents including handbooks, emergency proceduces and safety guidelines, personal information updating, complete payroll integration with other accounting systems within the company, and tracking applicants and resume management.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software.

Typically, ERP software is a cross-functional enterprise system that driven by an integrated array of software programs that support basic internal business processes. It provides a real-time view of a company’s core processes, like production, order processing, and inventory management. Because it runs on real time, ERP systems provide consistent updates, and a common database that supports all applications.

These are so popular that an estimated one dollar out of every $10 spent on business software in the U.S. is spent on ERP software. This is possibly because, according to ERP Cloud News, implementing ERP software brings a ROI of 269% in one year for an American Business. A UK Computing survey in 2012 found that over half (51%) of business that use ERP software stated that better business analytics enabled them to have better strategic business decision making.

If you have any questions about any of these systems, like online accounting software, feel free to ask in the comments! Refernce materials.

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