This was a different kind of subbing. Although you have substitute taught in this elementary building for a number of years, this was the first time that you have been in the building since all of the fourth and fifth graders have been assigned tablets. Within minutes of walking into the classroom full of students that you have known since they were in preschool the students were air dropping you photos of their latest works and projects. This, of course, was a skill that they all mastered within minutes of getting their devices. Soon you had photos of one of the students’ family spring break trip to Costa Rica and pictures of a sketches that one of the students had been making of dragons.

Each tablet was enclosed in a rugged case that protected it from any manner of activity that might be found in a fourth or fifth grade classroom. In fact, the highest performance laptops in the building are all in cases that keep the technology safe and sound.

Rugged laptop computers, of course, were not originally designed for classrooms. They first showed up on construction job sites and other outdoor locations where it was advantageous to have technology on the job site. With the use of fully rugged highest performance technology managers and supervisors could have their laptops and tablets with them while they ware on the job site without fear that the digital equipment will be damaged. Not all of the digital information that is needed for work is used in an office. Engineers, for example, want to be able to record information gathered from stress tests and other detailed information.

With the use of cases that provide drop shock protection and water proof casings, many engineers and construction workers are able to get the work done that they need while they are both in the office and on the job site. The fact of the matter is that rugged laptops have become so common on building and road construction sites that there are now a wide range of semi rugged laptop options.

In both classrooms an on job sites, there are approximately 1.43 billion tablet users worldwide. In the business setting the loss of even one laptop can cost a business as much as $47,000, when you include the cost of the laptop, downtime, support, and management time. No wonder there is a growing market for the rugged cases that protect these valuable highest performance pieces of technology.

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