Seo consultant

Were you aware that 93% of Internet activity begins with a search engine? Google, you might be interested to know, owns 65%-to-70% of the market share for search engines. This search engine is so popular that it’s name has even become a verb.

You might be interested to know that on a daily basis, people share 27 million pieces of content. When conducting Internet searches for content or other purposes, such as shopping for products and services, three-quarters of these users may not even scroll past the first page of search results. Why? Because they expect that what they want will, and should, be on that first page.

If you’re not already on that first page, then a search engine optimization service can provide SEO consulting to assist you with being there. If you want to focus on local visibility, then an SEO consultant will work closely with you in order to create compelling digital content for your business. Since there is a weekly average of 645 million local page views, you want your business to be visible and easy to access.

Do you have a strategic SEO campaign underway? If not, then you want to work with a professional SEO company that can assist with with this process. Content creation is an important facet of these campaigns for more than three-quarters of recently surveyed marketers.

Over three-quarters of marketers that have strategic SEO campaigns in place use content creation as part of those campaigns. Furthermore, half of the marketers surveyed stated that it was “very effective” for SEO optimization.

One of the many reasons why having unique content at your website is a good SEO branding strategy is due to Internet users ignoring ads. Good content will bring traffic to your site when ads may not, especially when your website is on that first page of search results.

A recent survey showed that 70%-80% of Internet users ignore the paid ads. What do they do instead? They focus on the organic results from their search. What an SEO marketing company can do for you is get your company placed in those organic results.

Whether you’re just launching a new business, rebranding your existing business, or otherwise focused on expanding your business, SEO is considered to be the most effective lead generation tactic. When surveyed, 34% of the participating marketers stated that it was “ver effective” in generating business leads.

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