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7 SEO Tips Every Company Can Use

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If you are looking to drive more traffic to your site, you need to work on your search engine optimization (SEO). It has been estimated that at least 93% of all internet experiences begin with a search engine search. Moreover, most people (75%) never scroll past the first page of the search results. Therefore, it is really important to get your site up into that first page and as high up on that page as possible. It is very important that your web development team keep this in mind as they design and maintain your site.

  1. Find the right keywords. That may seen obvious but it is really the most important thing. The way to do that is to discover what your visitors are searching for and what your focus is. If you are a dental office you want to find out what prospective dental pat

Four Benefits of Using a VoIP System

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Does your business still run on traditional based phone systems? Traditional based phone systems are analog communication networks and switch boards that are setup not much different than the design Alexander Graham Bell had in mind when he created the very first telephone for dinosaurs to use during the Jurassic Period (excuse our artistic license with history). Traditional based phone systems have an established history, are reliable, and accomplish the task you need of them. You might feel like your traditional based phone systems get the job done, why would you ever need to change it up?

While this is true, we’re about to blow your mind with the concept of Continue Reading No Comments

After Hours Answering ServiceLeave Your Message Here

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Growing companies are more and more often these days making the all important decision to hire a telephone answering service in order to provide assistance with picking up calls during off hours, taking messages, and even handling customer questions and complaints. An after hours answering service is a reliable and affordable way for a business to provide 24 hour customer service, which, in turn, boosts customer satisfaction. Clients and customers love it when they know they are able to reach someone no matter when they call, and at least be able to leave a message with someone other than an automated messaging system.

When a business provides