Running a business is hard enough. Having to deal with some of the deeper aspects of business can be a big headache. Fortunately, you can use your search engine to look for a “business consultant near me.” Your search will link you up with a competent provider who can do the following tasks:

Assess Your Business Growth

A business growth consultant can look at your progress over the years and tell you how far you’ve come. He or she can also spot growth stunts.

Conduct Market Research

Business assessment consulting might also include a little bit of market research. In other words, your consultant might do a little detective work to see how other organizations measure up to your organization. That would most likely happen if our business consultant needed to recommend certain strategies to you. The provider will most likely perform other consultant duties as well.

Give You Tips for Improving Your Processes

Your business consultant can also give you tips and suggestions based on the market research and your profit growth or decline. You’ll have the full right to use that advice or decline it. However, the consultant will work as an advocate and seek to help you grow your business. Search for a “consulting business near me” to find a great provider.

Outplacement consultant

Are you having a hard time hanging onto staff and exhausted from trying to re-staff your company? Are you looking for quality executives who will fit in well at your company and help restructure and reboot the company? Are you in the market for some talent acquisition? If so, you should maybe talk to an executive search consultant who can put the right people in the top jobs at your company. They can take a significant amount of the legwork out of the interviewing and hiring process and often have a much wider reach of qualified and competent candidates than you or your human resources team might have. This also allows your HR team to focus on other aspects of the company that weren’t prioritized during the job search, but that are important nevertheless. See what an executive search consultant can do for your business — and why locking in the right people matters more than ever in today’s business world.
Let’s Talk About Employee Turnover
Gone are the days where people stayed with a job for life, got a nice fat pension when they retired as a reward for their hard work, and were a company man or woman for life. These days, people always seem to be on the hunt — or at least have one eye open — for the next step in their career. This next step often means changing companies in order to advance. Businesses can be cutthroat about luring promising and talented employees away for their own means. And if you’re a company who has lost a lot of talent recently, you know how much this stings.
Indeed, almost 60% of organizations say that they consider employee retention a problem. Vistage ran a survey in which 5% of CEOs who ran small to midsize businesses said that staffing was the most significant business issue they were dealing with — this was mentioned twice as much as any other business issue. This is partly due to the fact that employee turnover can cost between 30-150% of the employee’s salary.
At the end of June 2015, almost three million workers voluntarily left their jobs, which is up 25% from just 2013. And Jobvite’s survey shows that over half of employed workers are open to new job possibilities even if they aren’t actively looking.
So How Can an Executive Search Consultant Help My Company?
An executive search consultant will do the research for you — and often, conduct interviews and be part of the entire hiring process for you. They may function as a liaison between you and the potential candidates, keeping a great deal of the mess out of your hands.
They’ll research available and qualified candidates for the executive position you want filled, present you with a shortlist, and may often reach out to the candidates to gauge their interest and recruit them. They’ll then organize interviews or meetings, screen the candidate, negotiate salary and benefits, and help draw up the employment contract.
As you can see, this takes a lot of the work away from your firm, so you can focus on other aspects of your business, and rest assured that you’re going to be presented with the best candidates for the job.
How Can I Increase Employee Satisfaction to Reduce Turnover?

Interestingly enough, new hires who do a structured on-boarding program when they’re first hired are almost 60% more likely to still be with the company after three years. And almost 90% of companies who have employee recognition programs say that they’ve seen an increase in worker happiness, which can go a long way towards keeping people with your company.
Offering competitive salaries and raises each year is another good way to keep your employees. A good benefits package is also an extra draw, as is fostering good office culture, making the group closer-knit as a whole.
If you’re hiring for executive positions, consider using executive search consultants to make the process a little easier. Also think about ways to improve morale in the office or how to make your company the most attractive place for current employees to stay.

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