world-class phone solutionsAll businesses need good, reliable phone systems. Many are turning to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems for a host of reasons. VoIP business solutions offer world-class phone solutions that have a lot of advantages over traditional, landline systems. In fact, as advanced hosted telephone technologies are improved upon, it becomes more and more beneficial to make the switch to VoIP systems for even the oldest and most established companies.

1. Your calls go wherever you need them.
These world-class phone solutions allow some flexibility that is not possible with traditional systems. If your business has more than one location, there may be times when you want your calls going to one location and not another. For example, you host a big conference at one location. You do not want the phone to ring all day long but you do not want to ignore those callers, either. What can you do? Turn on the “do not disturb” function for the one location and have those calls routed to another.

The call forwarding features of VoIP systems are one factor that makes them world-class phone solutions. If you have staff that work remotely or you work in a business where most of it not conducted at the office, the ability to send calls to everyone, wherever they are can make a big difference. There is a lot of research that shows people do not leave voice mail message and rarely call back. Your VoIP system will let you direct calls to multiple numbers before routing them to a voice mail system. This will let your clients, customers and business partners reach you when they need to.

2. VoIP business systems are so much easier to install.
When you start a business and need to get your phone system set up, with traditional based phone systems, the phone company comes out, runs wires everywhere and the process takes a long time and you are left with a ton of cables. None of this is true of VoIP systems. When you add people to your company, it is much easier to add a phone line when you are using premise based VoIP systems than traditional phone systems.

3. New cloud hosted VoIP systems have all the old and new features businesses love.
Do you have a FAX machine? While some people think this technology has gone the way of the dodo bird, there are businesses out there (and government offices) that still use it. This is a feature that in included with world-class phone solutions like VoIP. You also get three way calling, call waiting, hold music, etc. When running conference calls, these systems have ways to more effectively manage and run the call. If there are a lot of people, a call monitor can make communication on the call easier. Another feature is voicemail to email transcription. You will not have to worry about tracking down a pen and paper to take down a message nor do you have to listen to a message a dozen times to get that number. Now the messages are transcribed and emailed to you. This makes it possible organize your messages as never before.

4. VoIP systems will save you money.
Every business wants to save money on its operating costs. When companies make the switch to a VoIP system, they can save up to 40% on all of their local calls. For phone set up and installation, a VoIP system costs up to 90% less than a traditional phone system installation. A lot of the cost of installing phones that are landlines is the actual lines. In fact, installing the first line is the most expensive as a direct consequence of this fact.

5. VoIP lets you scale up (or down) as much as your needs warrant.
It is often hard to tell how many people your endeavor will need. When you hire or have to lay off people and have a traditional phone system, the process of adding or removing phone lines from the system can take a lot of work and be a general pain. With VoIP systems, it is easy.

The bottom line is that VoIP systems can provide more bang for their buck.

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