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There has never been as much information openly available to the public as there is now. Rather than searching aisles of encyclopedias at the library or scouring a phone book for phone numbers and addresses, a few clicks of a mouse can bring you any information you could ever need. Search engines have proven to be the key behind guiding users to their desired location.

An estimated 93% of internet users worldwide start their online experience using a search engine. Simply type a few words related to whatever questions you have or products and services you may be looking for. Then, up pops page after page of relevant results.

And what other engine would they turn to but the monster of the internet world, Google. While Google searches will almost always lead to numerous pages of possible related websites, there is little chance of people going deep into the abyss of results. About 75% of search engine users don’t even scroll past the first page.

Because of this, climbing higher up the results is vitally important to a website’s success. In order to give themselves a bump, companies can use a newer and one of the quickest growing types of marketing services, search engine optimization (SEO), which can easily trump many other sales and marketing tips. By adding specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to a company’s offerings, there is a better chance that potential consumers will be driven to a site.

The best strategy to use SEO, is to add these keywords into content on the site, such as blog posts. Around 70% of content marketers say that blogging increased brand awareness. This is one reason that out of all types of marketing services, SEO has a large advantage in the internet marketplace. Users have become accustomed and more aware of paid ads, leading them to search for more organic information and better web design that they know is more reliable.

The benefits of having a website have never been more prevalent than they are today and will only continue to grow. of all suggested marketing tips to increase sales, SEO is one of the most affordable, and reliable types of marketing services currently available.

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