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Pay per click advertising on search engines can be a lucrative way to leverage search engine traffic and bring new customers to your business’ website. But — as you already know if you’ve tried it before — it can also get a little pricey. Many business owners try to cut down on those costs by doing their own PPC campaign management. But that’s actually likely to cost you more in the long run, as the costs of mismanagement on PPC can add up quickly. Here are seven reasons you should consider hiring professional PPC management to be a good investment:

  1. PPC Is a Complex and Ever-Changing Industry

    Although the basis of PPC (the idea that you pay per click, rather than per view) stays the same, the industry of search engine marketing is changing all the time. When you hire a PPC agency, you’re not just getting specific management services; you’re getting the ambient benefits of being immersed in that industry.

  2. Choosing Effective Keywords Is Tricky

    Paid search advertising is all based on keywords, and there’s a lot of technical skill that goes into choosing keywords that will capture the demographic you want without blowing your entire advertising budget.

  3. AdWords Settings Are Confusing

    AdWords, the platform Google uses to sell PPC ads, is actually pretty confusing. Choosing AdWords-certified PPC experts ensures you won’t be losing out on opportunities because of a lack of knowledge.

  4. You Have to Write the Right Ad Copy

    Ad copy is up to you when it comes to PPC advertising. If you get it wrong, you risk very low pay per click traffic.

  5. Human and Computer Tracking Is Needed

    Once your ads are set up, you can’t just leave them alone. Both human and computer-aided tracking is needed to constantly analyze their performance (so you don’t pay for ads that aren’t bringing you customers).

  6. Your Landing Page Might Be Killing Conversions

    Professional PPC management services can instantly spot problems with your landing page — a major player in low conversion rates.

  7. Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

    Here’s what it comes down to: Although you might be capable of doing all these things with enough training, trying to do so would take you away from your business and keep you from doing what you do best. That’s simply not a good business model.

Have you tried to handle a PPC campaign without professional PPC management in the past? Share your experiences in the comments.

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