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Easy Hacks to Drive up Your Online Business

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Can you imagine life without your cellular phone? Our phones are our personal assistants, navigators, entertainment centers and, increasingly more, our main source of internet use. Information is still the driving force of the internet. According to studies the top two internet activities are searching answers and checking and sending email. 93% of all online experiences begin with a internet search and half of all internet searches are performed on a non-PC device. In today’s high speed world, even the most obscure information is easier to obtain than it has ever been in human history. What this means for you small business is that you always have a connection to potential customers online, regardless of your market niche. About 58% of consumers research products and services online before buying. Are

The 2 Most Important Things to Know When Doing Environmental Research

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Laboratory sample management software

If you do environmental research in biorepositories or elsewhere, you can sometimes fall into the monotony of studying samples and forget what you’re there to do. The truth is, your job is crucial to the lives of millions, and you owe it to the people you’re helping to have the right tools for the job.

When you go to the lab tomorrow, share this information with your employees and coworkers and help your entire team understand the two most important aspects of environmental research. It could be the the difference between life and death.

    Your research is saving lives. You should already know this, but the samples you deal with are more t

3 Important Reasons Your Lab Needs the Best in Biobanking Software

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Biorepository data management

If you work in a biomedical lab, you should already know how difficult tracking the massive amount of samples you have can be. Your profession serves an important purpose in society and the quality of work you do should reflect that.

By not keeping up on the latest trends in biobanking software, you’re not only hurting your lab’s productivity, but the sick and weary who depend on your good work. Investing in software that is designed to track samples accurately and effectively should be your top priority. Here are three reasons that lab sample tracking is so important to your efforts:

    Cancer isn’t going anywhere. One of the most important things your lab may do with the samples you have i