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3 Marketing Tips You Need to Know About

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Search engine optimization importance

Small businesses of all kinds are taking full advantage of digital media marketing strategies. As customers become more reliant on Internet use (and especially mobile Internet use), companies are constantly coming up with new ways to market their products and services. With the advent of the Internet, marketing has never been easier in that it can reach more consumers than ever before. With more than three billion Internet users around the world, one can see why digital marketing strategies are being eaten up like hotcakes by businesses large and small.

Whether a company hires an independent Internet marketing agency or an in-house marketing specialist to handle the busines

How Managed Server Hosting Makes Dreams Come True

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Complex managed hosting provider

When Kara was just 16, she decided to start her own nonprofit organization to empower girls across her community. She saw so many girls in her neighborhood start to hate themselves or dumb themselves down when they reached middle school, and Kara wanted to do something to change that pattern. Since the girls she wanted to target were around the age when teens first start to heavily use the internet and social media, she decided the best thing she could was to develop a social media site that would be a positive, welcoming, and affirming place for girls to go and connect with each other. With her vision clear, she sat down to figure out what she needed to do.

First, she knew that the kind of website she wanted to build was probably more than what a free hosting site could offer, so she wo

3 Reasons Inbound Marketing Will Help Your Business

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Examples of inbound marketing

What is inbound marketing?
The definition of inbound marketing is fairly fluid, as it is a method that is still being defined as it is used today. The best way to understand it is to contrast inbound and outbound marketing, which is the more traditional way to reach customers.

Outbound marketing is called such because it is a “push” of the product message on consumers. Any marketing that has the business going out to seek customers is outbound marketing. This could be cold calls, direct mail, email campaigns, commercials, billboards, etc. This form of marketing is distrusted by its very nature, as it is a polished message specially designed for persuading customers.

In contrast, inbound marketing creates content that is designed to draw the consumer in. Using social media and content marketing