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Did you know that nearly 45% of web users claim that they often have trouble navigating websites? Sure, some of their “difficulties” can probably be attributed to their own misuse, but it usually has to do with businesses failing to build mobile sites. Now that more than half of all Americans are accessing the web via their mobile devices, mobile site development should be a part of every company’s business web design.

If you were a web user during the 1990s or early 2000s, you remember the days will dial-up servers and page load rates that moved slower than a snail’s pace. Thankfully, web design and internet technology have come a long way since those days. But the result of improved technologies and high speed internet connections has been the creation of hundreds of millions of spoiled web users. In the event that a web page takes more than a few seconds to load, many internet users are likely to go ballistic out of frustration.

According to a recent study conducted by Mobile Joombla claims that 100% of web users would just as soon give up on a website if it fails to load within four seconds. And if said website takes eight seconds or longer to load, the chance of them giving up on the website rises by 150%. Even though the meaning of these numbers is certainly open for debate, it just goes to show you how seriously folks take their internet time. It also justifies companies enlisting the services of a top mobile site creator that has a firm handle on the latest in creative web design that is also mobile friendly.

While there are innumerable web development companies out there claiming that they can provide your business with the latest in “state-of-the-art” web design, the fact of the matter is only the very best mobile site creators can offer the perfect balance of cutting-edge responsive design websites that will keep your clients happy.

Running a successful company in 2014 means serving customers at three times the speed and efficiency, and with 100% reliability. Of course, that is not always possible. However, hiring the best web development firms can give your company the best chance to approach such lofty goals.

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