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    Learn How to Address Failed Hires With a Professional Job Placement Agency

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    Millions of workers voluntarily leave their jobs every year for a variety of reasons. At the end of June, 2015, for example, this was the case with 2.7 million individuals, many of whom were employed at the executive level. Millennials in particular are open to new job opportunities, which is why this age group has been referred to as the “Job Hopping Generation.” A 2016 Gallup poll found that six out of every ten Millennials are always ready to make a career move. This is more than any other generation to date.

    Several Factors That Contribute to Failed Hires

    Robert Half conducted a recent survey with 1,400 executives regarding the issue of failed hires. According to these executives, there were two factors besides performance issues that contributed to this situation.
    While 36% of the executives believed that a poor skills match was the primary contributing factor, 30% believed that unclear performance objectives was secondary.

    Whether failed hires occur with Mill

    Enhanced Security and Lower Costs Drive the Trend Towards Outsourcing IT Support

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    Network support

    As our reliance on internet technology and the cloud continues to grow, cyber security is a growing concern for individuals and businesses. For businesses, outsourcing their IT operations can come with the advantage of enhanced security and compliance. Professional IT support can help ensure security of data and minimize or eliminate costly downtime. This, along with the lower operating costs, drives the trend towards outsourcing IT services.

    Why businesses are outsourcing IT
    The world of internet technology and our reliance on it for business and personal use continues to grow. Many businesses are discovering that the technology, with its potential as well as challenges, is growing at a faster pace than they can handle on their own. Short of hiring new IT staff on a regular b

    The World’s Population Will See A 50% Growth In Just A Few Decades What Does This Mean For The Future?

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    What is location intelligence

    The world is a big place. It’s only going to get bigger.

    Thanks to the location intelligence market we have a firmer handle on the dynamic nature of population growth. In just a few decades entire countries will be seeing social and economic shifts, meaning there’s a ticking clock for both people and businesses alike. This isn’t cause for alarm, but rather, a sign that technology is only getting more helpful by the minute. Demographic reporting tools and geospatial analysis are the key ingredient toward adapting to the future properly.

    Let’s see what you can expect to see in the location intelligence market over the next few years.

    We’ll first start off discussing where the world’s population will be over the coming years. Continue Reading No Comments