If you aren’t familiar with Lidar detection, there can be a lot to know. Keep reading to learn what Lidar detection systems are and how it is used.

Let’s start with what Lidar technology is. Lidar stands for Light Detection and Ranging.

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It is a remote sensing technology that is used to measure distances and it does not act on its own. Lidar includes three independently operating technologies.

One of the independently operating technologies that Lidar uses is GPS, also known as the Global Positioning System. This system gives the location of the instruments that are holding the lidar sensor system such as an airplane.

Another independently operating technology is Inertia. The Inertia measurement unit which is an IMU system is used to measure the pitch, roll, and heading of something like an airplane. It can also be installed on a mobile platform like a car on the road, or a terrestrial mounted lidar system that is mounted on a tripod.

Lidar surveying is considered the best technology to use because it can map the bare earth beneath vegetation better than most other technologies can.

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