Are you in need of an AC Installation? The process of selecting and installing a new AC unit can be more complicated than most people realize. It is certainly not a do-it-yourself job because of the electrical, mechanical, and coolant chemicals involved. Work with a certified HVAC contractor to ensure a smooth process and efficient home cooling for many summers to come.

Even the quietest air conditioners make noise, so you may want to choose an outdoor location far from any windows and doors, if possible.

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AC efficiency also receives a boost if you can install the outdoor unit on a shady side of the house. A properly sized air conditioner is critical for home comfort and energy efficiency. An undersized unit can’t keep up on the hottest days, leaving you struggling to feel comfortable. On the other hand, an oversized unit is prone to short-cycling, which leads to higher energy bills and excess indoor humidity. The installation process includes:

Addressing your ductwork needs, if any
Setting up the condensing unit
Installing the evaporator coil
Running refrigerant lines
Connecting high- and low-voltage wiring
Installing the condensate drain line
Verifying the refrigerant charge
Setting up the thermostat


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