Digital Marketing, Content Marketing And Social Media Which One Should I Focus On?

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    How do you even keep up with digital marketing? It seems the world at large can change on a dime, with trends coming as fast as they’re going and standards evolving practically overnight. To make matters worse, you may as well kiss your business goodbye if you’re not up to date on the latest internet marketing crazes — would-be customers and potential client bases are only growing more impatient as the market continues to be saturated with content and competitors. All is not lost, however! A little social media management or a new digital marketing campaign will go a long way in ensuring your hard work isn’t lost forever in the shuffle. Social media, search engine optimization and mobile advertising are all slices of the same pie.

    Did You Know?

    We’ll start the list proper with some quick facts to help you get started. Did you know a stunning 50% of companies use digital marketing but have no plan in place? Yikes! That spells disaster for an industry that changes drastically every year, with noticeable evolution even marked in monthly periods. When it comes to search engine optimization and ideal search results, it’s been found 15% of Google searches have never been seen before. Lastly, 60% of all Internet activity in the United States originates from mobile devices, with another half through mobile apps.

    Social Media

    Interested in connected with your client base? Get acquainted with social media! These third-party platforms are ideal with staying up-to-date on all the latest evolution while maintaining a casual approach. Social media’s share of the total marketing budget is expected to grow by 14%, while general spending will fall by 2% — nearly 20% of marketers plan on increasing their efforts on Pinterest alone, which is nothing to say of popular websites like Twitter, WordPress and Instagram.

    Content Marketing

    Marketing comes in a variety of different forms, all the better to stay flexible in flexible times. You’ve got your classic billboards and newspaper advertisements as well as the increasingly common animated pop-ups and search engine optimization. Which one is considered the most effective, though, and why? Studies showed content marketing back in 2015 generated three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing while remaining 60% cheaper on average. Get caught up on outbound and inbound marketing to garner a better handle on how much money you’re spending and receiving in equal measure.

    Digital Marketing

    We’ve come down to the wire, the marketing plan to end all marketing plans. Digital marketing is easily becoming the biggest focus of businesses small and large for its convenience, accessibility and affordable price — studies have shown 71% of companies planning on increasing their digital marketing budgets, with another 78% saying they now have dedicated social media teams. Ongoing industry figures are expecting to see mobile advertising representing 70% of all digital spending. Even a simple website can make or break a deal, with webpages that take more than four seconds to load frequently left in the dust compared to their faster counterparts.

    Choosing A Marketing Strategy

    Whether it’s contacting an SEO company or crafting a social media marketing plan, you’ll be making the right decision turning your efforts and budget to digital marketing. Running a business is expensive and time-consuming, making digital marketing the partner you’ve always needed by your side — it’s effective and affordable in equal measure, reaching anywhere from hundreds to thousands of people on the daily with hardly a dent in your figures. You can create an SEO plan, helping your business reach the most popular search results. You can get a few social media accounts, updating them daily and connecting with people on a more personal level. The sky’s the limit! Where will you start?

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