Do you ever wonder what machines are responsible for harvesting vast amounts of crops, vegetation, fruits, and many more? If so, here are some of the most extensive farm machinery equipment that helps produce our food.

Challenger MT785E Agricultural Crawler – is an agricultural crawler tractor that can efficiently harvest thousands of kilos of crops in one sitting. It has a maximum capacity of almost 56,000 pounds and can take any agricultural task in a single day.

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Case IH 9240 Combine Harvester is one of the giant combine harvesters in the world. It is packed with innovative technology to ensure farmers won’t have to sweat it all out in the sun’s scorching heat. This farm machinery is efficient for its traction control system and has been known to be a popular harvester for grains.

Bourgault 7950 Air Seeder – one of the most time-consuming times during planting season is laying down the seeds of thousands of crops. However, with this air seeder, farmers won’t have difficulty covering hectares of land in a single day. It is one of the best farm machinery ever built for the convenience it brings to almost all farmers.

Class Cougar 1400 Mower-mowing is a tedious task; most farmers have a hard time, but with this farm machinery, everything would be a breeze as it is packed with the right technology make a farmer’s life easy.


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