The home improvement industry has been skyrocketing in the past few years. In fact, in 2018, there were over $390 billion in total home improvement sales. The reason for this huge growth in the industry is new home improvement technology. This new technology is creating an industry where projects can be done faster, smarter, and better than ever before. New techniques as well as the new technology are completely altering how home improvement projects are conducted. Here are some of the new techniques and new home improvement technology you can expect to see in your next home improvement project.

Benefits Of New Home Improvement Technology

New home improvement technology brings with it several huge benefits that will impact your renovation project:

  • Faster Renovations: New home improvement technology means that renovations can be done on a much shorter timeline. New tools and techniques allow for builders to complete tasks that used to take days in as little as a few hours. New technology also cuts down on the number of workers needed because the work is completed so quickly. Less time and manpower also cuts down on the total cost of a renovation.
  • Higher Quality: All of this new home improvement technology also allows for more high quality work. Technology allows for new materials to be created, adhesives that last longer, or tools that bind elements together. This technology can make a project look better once it’s completed as well as last much longer than it may have with older tools and techniques.
  • Virtual Augmentation: Virtual augmentation is some new home improvement technology that is helping the industry grow in leaps and strides. Because contractors and builders can now easily mockup what a project will look like when it’s complete, a lot of trial and error and mistakes are erased from the process. It also helps homeowners to more clearly explain what they want from their home renovation and makes expectations clear for builders.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: New home improvement technology is also changing the possibilities for eco-friendly opportunities and practices. New technology, such as solar panels, allows homeowners and builders to cut down on their carbon footprint and create more sustainable living opportunities.

Technology For General Contractors

Before some of the new home improvement technology was used, home remodeling contractors faced a lot more issues with their projects. Communication with the client and with other builders on the team was difficult, a lot more problems arose as the project was already underway, and quality control and scheduling were much more of an issue. Here are a few ways technology has helped general contractors to plan for home improvement projects and how this new technology will benefit your home renovation:


Communication is key when it comes to having a successful home improvement project. If you can’t clearly communicate with your general contractor when you have questions or issues, you’ll face more issues with your project. Communication also strengthens your relationship with your general contractor, and a stronger relationship can keep your project from getting “backlogged”.

Beyond simply using cellphones to call or text, some general contractors have begun using apps to communicate with their clients as well as booking work timeslots. This technology is helping both contractors and clients stay on the same page as well as getting work done more efficiently and clearly.

Planning Ahead

With the new technology that allows general contractors to plan out their projects before even breaking ground, a huge array of issues are nipped at the bud. Virtual augmentation allows contractors to mock up an example of how a project will look which not only benefits the client but also the workers on the project. This allows them to see what space they have to work with, what the finished product needs to look like, and even see any potential issues before they arise. For example, if a team is working on a swimming pool construction project, they can use a virtual mockup to measure the dimensions of the pool with the space provided and get an idea of any issues that may come up. This type of planning helps both contractors and workers to get started on solving problems before they become a big issue and keeps the project from getting delayed.

Contractors can even use 3D printers to create a small scale layout of what a home will look like after a home improvement project. While they obviously won’t print the model to full scale, that would be ridiculous, new technology allows them to still maintain dimensional accuracy at a fraction of the size so they can accurately plan for the real scale.

Quality Control

New technology allows general contractors to have much more control over the quality of their projects. Sites and hiring tools allow them to sort through the best workers and companies to hire from, rather than simply going by word of mouth. It also allows them to keep better control over the budget as they can get quotes and estimates from multiple options at once.


The benefits of new home improvement technology don’t stop at work with general contractors, they also extend to the tradesmen and the work they do in your home. Plumbing is an area that has seen great improvements from new technology.

As previously mentioned, new technology has introduced more green options into home improvement projects, and plumbing repair is an area that has greatly benefited from this. New appliances and additions to home plumbing are designed to save both water and energy when they’re used. New dishwashers are programmed to recycle rinse water and can save a household over 700 gallons of water a year. Not only is this better for the environment, but its also better for your wallet as it will significantly cut down on your monthly utility bills.

Advancements in technology also make plumbers jobs much easier and more efficient. New sewer cameras allow plumbers to inspect pipes to find the source of a clog or to more easily locate leaks. There are also new methods to install pipes that cut down on how much space they’ll have to dig up in your yard which will save you money on restoring that lawn or garden space in the future.

Not only are installation and replacement projects easier, but plumbers can also communicate much easier with other tradesmen for smooth repair projects as well. For example, if your basement requires flood water cleanup after a burst pipe, you can quickly contact your local plumber and they can work with a general contractor or other craftsmen to repair not only the problem pipe but also the flooring and walls that are damaged.


Technology has also had a positive impact on HVAC systems, and if you’re planning a home renovation or improvement project, this is an area that you will definitely have to assess. A new HVAC installation will add to the value of your home and bring a whole host of other benefits.

The new technology that allows for automation in your HVAC system has several benefits that you won’t want to miss out on:

  • Lower Cost For Energy Bills: Programmable thermostats and predictive diagnostics in new HVAC systems will cut down greatly on your monthly utility bills.
  • Ease Of Use: Many smart home systems allow you to make changes from your smartphone, even when you aren’t at home. The HVAC system is no exception to this. You could turn off your system while you’re away on a trip and turn it back on so your home is the perfect temperature right as you arrive.
  • Environmental Impact: New HVAC systems are also programmed to be more environmentally friendly. Will lower energy use, a new HVAC system will help you do your part to protect the environment.
  • Easier To Make Repairs: While new HVAC systems seem more complicated with all their new features, they are actually simpler in their layout which makes heating and cooling repairs much easier for tradesmen.

New technology also makes it easier for HVAC specialist to install your new system. They can ensure that the installation is done at the highest quality and that specific parts, such as duct fittings, are exactly as they should be to allow your system to work most effectively. This new technology can give you the peace of mind to know that you are getting the most out of your system.

Electrical Work

It’s no surprise that new home improvement technology is also positively impacting electrical work in homes. From smart home systems to solar power, electrical work is arguably the area most impacted by new technology. Here are a few types of electrical technology you may consider introducing to your home in your next home improvement project:

  • Solar Power: As previously mentioned, new technology is allowing for more environmentally friendly options. Solar power is a popular option among many homeowners to cut down on their energy use while also saving themselves money on utility bills.
  • Smart Grid: Smart home systems, such as Alexa or the Amazon echo are new technologies that control most if not all of the electrical appliances in your home. By simply hooking these devices up to your home, you can have more control over what is running, which will again save you money and cut down on your energy use. You can even make changes on your phone away from home, so if your children tend to forget to turn the lights out when you leave, you don’t have to worry about that energy being used when no one is in the house. With a simple click of your phone screen, they’ll shut off.
  • Internet Access: New technology also allows for faster and better internet access in your home. Phone companies are also using new technology to provide better service on a more broad scale, which means even if you live in a more remote area, you may still have access to high-speed internet. Even without your phone, you can install high-speed wifi in your home to run your smart devices and allow you quick access to the internet.

Smart Technology

When talking about new home improvement technology, you can’t forget about all of the new smart home features that have been created to make your home more comfortable. With everything from smart security systems that you can access and even speak through while away from your home, to home devices that allow you to control the lights, heating, air conditioner, and even your vacuum robot from one place, smart home technology is greatly changing the home improvement game.

If you’re preparing for a home improvement project, whether big or small, you will want to look into all of the options you have and take advantage of the new technology. Even something as simple as a new residential garage door installation project can be improved by installing technology that allows you to control the door from your phone. Don’t miss out on all of the smart home technology options.

In Conclusion

New home improvement technology is completely transforming the home improvement industry. From eco-friendly practices and living to new techniques for building, the new tech in the field is creating an industry where work is done faster, smarter, and better. If you’re preparing for a house improvement project, now is the time to discover what new technology you can use to have a more successful renovation. Talk with your general contractor about what home improvement techniques you can use on your new renovation project.

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