At some point during the life of a business, business founders tend to question whether they really need a HR department. While many HR departments only comprise of a handful of people, businesses are looking to cut on cost of running HR departments by hiring HR consultants to carry out recruitment of new staff on behalf of the firm on per-need basis. Understandably enough for many businesses, HR consultants are not high on the list of their priorities as they have to worry about business development managers and marketing managers as their priorities to help drive business growth. Ironically, you will need the help of a HR consultant to hire these same people that are on top of many businesses list. So what exactly are the duties of a HR consultant? Being that startup hr is a common challenge for many businesses, executive hr recruiters are supposed to develop policies and procedures in startup hr, recruit new staff, ensure training and development of employees as well as ensure that the firm’s HR programs comply with the set standards in startup of the main aspects that make executive search consultants important to business owners is because recruitment of staff can be a tedious process as well as time consuming. With other responsibilities to take care of, CEOs turn to hr consultants for recruitment. So why do you need an executive search consultant service during your recruitment drive in startup hr?

When You Have Too Many Candidates
When a business advertises of new opportunities, it is a great feeling that a boatload of people will apply for the available positions. After the excitement dies down, the management team is left with hundreds of application letters and resumes to go through. Assuming that you are looking to hire the best person for startup hr, someone will definitely have to go through the applications. Sorting through hundreds of applications can take days or even weeks before you can settle on a few worthy candidates to interview. If a firm opens the application process to allow applicants to do it remotely, the situation could be worse. This is why you need a hr executive search agency to screen all the candidates, interview a number of shortlisted candidates, conduct pre-employment testing and help with the onboarding process. Since many of the company’s executives are engaged in their respective duties, they cannot effectively be involved in recruitment of new staff-the more reason why firms are outsourcing this process to human resources consulting firms.

You Have a Weak Onboarding Process
Perhaps your firm has the capability to recruit someone for startup hr, the hard part would be introducing the hired person to the rest of the team. Even harder is introducing that person to their role in the business. Even the most dedicated worker will experience major challenges due to lack of an onboarding process. Once someone accepts a position in your business, it is up to you to make them feel welcome. You are also required to tell your existing staff that someone is joining the team. Once you feel that you are having problems assisting someone to join the workflow, then you definitely need a human resources recruiter. One of the most challenging tasks that CEOs face today is helping new staff fit into their roles. Ideally, this would have been the mandate of the HR department but many businesses today are opting not to have one. Business managers don’t know where to start when it comes to onboarding. Assuming that a firm recently hired a systems developer and the management team has been asked to help the employee join the workflow. If the manager has never done any systems development, how is he or she going to onboard one?

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