Employee retention rates in the United States have become quite concerning in the workforce as a whole. This is not a problem that is being faced by one specific field or another but is instead one that is being dealt with across the board. After all, by the June of 2015 it had been found that more than two and a half million people have voluntarily left their jobs in search of new ones. In comparison to just two years prior, this marked a growth in such activity and behavior of as much as 25%, a full one quarter. In many cases, this activity has continued into our present day – and is likely to keep continuing if we do not take steps to better support our workers, no matter what field they might be working in.

Unfortunately, Millennials have all too often shouldered the blame for many of society’s woes. Sadly, this has become no exception to that unfortunate rule, with Millennials even earning the moniker of the “job hopping generation.” And while up to 60% of all employees falling into the Millennial category have said that they would readily leave their current job if offered one that was better for just about any reason, we must also understand that it is not the fault of the Millennials themselves but rather of the working environment that they have been subjected to. And as professionals in the field, such as those working for human resources consulting firms, outplacement companies, and restructuring consulting firms, can all too easily attest to, the working environment of the United States has become quite the toxic one indeed.

For one thing, many people working for human resources consulting firms can attest to the fact that employees are not hired as well as they should be. Without the aid of human resources consulting firms, more than one third of all top executives feel that bad hires and poor skills matches attest for more issues with employee retention than just about anything else. And it makes sense, as a person who is not cut out for a certain job is unlikely to be able to excel at that job. In addition to this, human resources consulting firms will also stress the incredible importance of having a thorough on boarding process. As many human resources consulting firms have seen and can attest to, the lack of something as crucial as an on boarding process can set just about any employee up for failure – even if the hiring process itself was a relatively smooth one. Fortunately, the help and aid of human resources consulting firms can be critical in helping to fix such issues and therefore make hiring professionals from human resources consulting firms more than worth it at the end of the day, more than worth whatever money is spent on these human resources consulting firms in the first place.

Of course, there are still further issues that must be addressed by the working world at large if we ever hope to drastically improve matters of employee retention. For instance, improving the culture of the working world and making it a largely more supportive environment is something that can help tremendously. For instance, employee recognition programs have been found to improve overall levels of employee happiness by a good deal. And this was found to be the case in up to 86% of all companies who put such programs into place. And when overall employee happiness improves, so too will overall retention rates. An improvement in work productivity and in the quality of the work being improved is also something that is likely to be seen, and something that can have a tremendously positive effect in the workplace environment as well.

All in all, there are many problems faced by the working world here in the United States. Fortunately, however, there are a good deal of solutions as well, solutions that can make the working world a better place for just about anyone and everyone, no matter what industry or field it is that they might be apart of. We have a lot of work to do, but there’s hope.

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