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Important Points to Keep In Mind When Choosing a Biological Pharmaceutical Storage

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Pharmaceuticals and biospecimens are sensitive to temperature. This makes it complex to store and transport them. A small temperature variation of 2°C can ruin your pharmaceutical products totally. Besides temperature, there is a host of equally important factors that should be keenly observed. This is where a biostorage service facility comes in handy. It helps you eliminate the risk of damage. Storage conditions of pharmaceuticals is an integral part of pharmaceutical operation and should not be trivialized.

Biostorage maintains the quality of your product. When choosing a biological pharmaceutical storage facility you need a Solid Plan. This will help you eliminate problems that will hinder you from achieving critical innovations and discoveries. The plan should help you decide whether to go for an outsourced or onsite biostorage facility. For an onsite facility, you should carefully consider the cost of specimen, temperature monitoring systems, freezers, backup power syst