Technology is changing the workplace at a rapid pace. It also provides the tools needed to maintain a connected, informed and productive workforce. Communications are the lifeblood of any organization, and often also the weakest link. Meeting solutions like the Cisco crm communications connector allow a mobile and remote workforce to stay connected, creative and productive. Managers in fact find that videoconferencing can be a more productive alternative to traditional face-to-face office meetings.

A changing workforce
The results are in. Managers have found that giving their employees both flexibility and mobility makes them more productive and creative. Across a range of organizations and industries, companies with a remote workforce remain competitive and continue to grow. One of the major benefits of remote hiring is that it opens up the pool of talent, which is no longer limited by location. For a substantial part of the workforce, the dreaded morning commute is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.
The rapid expansion of internet technology, with cloud storage and the use of mobile devices, makes it possible for a significant section of the workforce to work remotely. The 2018 Future Workforce Report from Upwork found that more than a third or 38% of hiring managers surveyed felt that over the next decade, the majority of their employees will be working remotely. Even traditional office workers are spending more and more time of their week working remotely.

New paradigms for collaborative work
But can a predominantly remote workforce continue to be connected and productive? The answer is yes, largely due to new technologies that make communications effective and accessible. Software solutions like the Cisco crm communications connector allow your workforce to stay in touch no matter where they might be. These let you conduct meetings, face-to-face consultations, video presentations, interviews and more.
Traditional office meetings have been widely regarded as a waste of time and a source of stress. In the typical office setting, over a third or 37% of employee time is spent in meetings. Then there’s all the time spent beforehand making sure that catering knows how much coffee and how many sandwiches to deliver, to the right place at the right time. Anther ten to fifteen minutes are spent waiting for everyone to show up and settle down. About 70% of meeting attendees confess to secretly multitasking to while away the time.

Software solutions for remote workers
Virtual meetings are very different. Cisco UC products like the Cisco crm communications connector help to make meetings more productive. Employees can to join in meetings from any location, from any kind of device. An online calendar reminds everyone of the day and time, so they can plan to keep their schedule clear. The software allows managers to store all relevant documentation in one place where it can be accessed by all employees who need it.
Videoconferencing is a more effective way of communicating than email, and less prone to mistakes and misunderstandings. Managers are finding it a valuable way to build communication and trust. Of course, not all videoconferencing software is built to the standards needed. Video glitches can also lose time and break down communications. On the other hand, reliable products from Cisco us like Cisco UC (Unified Communications) make team collaboration effective and convenient for various work projects.

The rapid growth of the remote workforce is made possible by new technology that makes it possible for employees to stay in touch and share work effectively. Software like the Cisco crm communications connector enable better communications leading to improved productivity and continuing growth.

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