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The Basics of Fire Sprinkler Online Training Courses

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It is a simple fact: fire sprinklers save lives. The United States has used automatic fire sprinklers since 1874. They reduce the amount of water firefighters need to fight fires and they depend on them to start the work before they can get to the site. Fire sprinkler installers and fire sprinkler inspectors are needed in order to put up this first line of defense against a dangerous fire and make sure that the technology is always working according to regulations.

We offer fire sprinkler online training courses to those who are looking to become fire sprinkler inspectors or installers. Fire inspectors visit buildings to investigate whether or not federal, state and local fire laws are aligned with the current safety set up. They make sure that there are enough fire extinguishers and test equipment regularly to make sure there is nothing faulty with the system.

Our online courses allow you to learn at your own pace while ensuring that you are receiving top-notch training fro

What’s the Difference Between Cat5 and Cat5e Cable Cost?

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The Cat5 ethernet cables came into existence in the 1990s and remain one of the most popular of all twisted pair cable types among homeowners, mainly due to performance and cost. The Cat5 has been around for 15 years, with the Cat5e (the ‘e’ stands for enhanced) introduced approximately six years later. Is the difference worth the higher Cat5e cable cost? Let’s compare the two.

How to Tell the Difference

It can be difficult and unreliable to tell cable categories apart simply by the coloring or thickness; and since all ethernet cables use the same RJ45 connector plug, that’s not a viable option. The most reliable way is to check the printed information on the cable itself.

Are They the Same Speeds?

Ethernet cables send and receive data at the speeds designated by your internet provider or from computer to computer in a network, and hardware