This is the season of technology. From the video music your daughter had to create for her high school Advanced Placement Calculus class to the creation of a last minute family Christmas card, technology is an important of today’s lives. For these reasons there are many popular electronics components, as well as electronic and computer accessories. Technology is such a part of our lives, in fact, that many of us even install specific kinds of wall plates in our homes. From wall plates that include a network plug in to others that have a USB port in addition to the regular electrical outlets, it is important to make sure that we find a way to stay connected.

With the right brush wall plate mounting brackets, home owners have the ability to find the accessories that they need to match the decor of any space. Both offices and homes function more efficiently when people are able to charge their phones, their laptops. and their tablets. Even public spaces in airports, restaurants, hotels and schools are increasingly likely these days to have many wall plates that offer charging options.

Staying Connected Is Essential in Today’s Society
The digital cameras that we all use and the projectors and speaker systems that are now a part of many business and school presentations rely on the correct kinds of cables, power cords, and input options. Consider some of these other facts and figures about the power cables and wall plates that are available, as well as the impact that they have on the nation’s economy:

  • 9 out of 10 American adults use the Internet, according to the Pew Research Center.
  • Every space and place is making use of technology. In fact, nearly 33% of churches now use video clips during their worship services.
  • 33% of churches using technology rely on a slide presentation tool such as PowerPoint to organize their presentations.
  • Although each manufacturer determines the parameters for what is to be transferred via HDMI in their components, HDMI can pass video resolutions from 480i up to 4K.

Whether you are thinking about installing wall plates for home theaters or you are considering an option to change out the wall plates at your office to accommodate increased options for charging stations, it is important to work with a licensed electrician and technical adviser.

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