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Are you in the process of deciding whether or not to outsource your IT? No matter what size your company is, there are a variety of benefits to using outside managed IT services. IT outsourcing can be particularly beneficial when you manage a remote workforce.

In addition to IT consulting, a managed IT firm can provide you with these and other vital business services:

  • Network monitoring
  • Network security
  • Network support

Unfortunately, computers can crash or encounter other issues, such as hacking attempts, on a regular basis. This can potentially result in the loss or corruption of important data. A recent survey showed the following causes of data loss:

  • End-users deleted information: 47%
  • Users overwrote data: 17%
  • Hackers deleted data: 13%

If you have a small business, were you aware that there is a 20% chance you will be hacked at some point during the year? When you have managed IT services in place, however, the experts that work within this field can monitor your system for potential hackers.

IT outsourcing is also beneficial because your system will receive around-the-clock monitoring. As a result, many potential cybersecurity issues can be discovered prior to their occurring.

Another IT solution that you may be interested in is cloud storage. When you move your operational infrastructure to the cloud, it can streamline your day-to-day business operations. Furthermore, your data can be backed up in the cloud so it is easier to access from mobile platforms.

In addition to using the cloud for content management, you can also utilize it for email marketing, accounting services, and other business operations. When you allow or encourage your employees to work remotely, then they will be able to have access to this important data when on the road or working outside the office.

When you have IT outsourcing, you and your employees will be able to focus on engaging in business rather than on potential or actual IT issues. Whether your staff works remotely or in-house, this has been shown to increase productivity.

If you’re curious about these and other benefits of outsourcing your IT, then meeting with an IT consultant makes sense. A consultant will be able to assess your business’ needs and provide solutions that will meet your goals.

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