Human resources staffing agencies

As 57% of companies have problems with employee retention, many of which are startups or mid-size enterprises, changes need to be made to boost employee morale and keep productivity up. A Human Resources Department is responsible for the screening of potential employees, compliance of labor laws and employee benefits. HR Executive recruiters are talent acquisition services that act as executive search consultants, and exist to help spearhead a search for skilled individual that can manage employee relations and help a company thrive as a result.

By restructuring your HR Department with a new figure, you’ll likely be able to reverse the following statistics:

  • More than one out of five employees leave their jobs within the first 45 days due to poor performance, temperament, or dissatisfaction. In a recent study of 1,400 executives, one third of them believe the top cause of poor hires is a poor job skills match, alluding to improper applicant screening.
  • Almost 3 million people left their jobs voluntarily by the end of June 2015, compared to 25% less two years prior. More than half of employees won’t write off the possibility of new job prospects even if they aren’t currently job hunting.
  • A bad hiring decision can cost the company time and money. The equivalent of 30 to 150% of the employee’s salary can be lost due to turnover.

The right HR Executive will be able to make sure that a potential hire is qualified to do the job before hiring, as well as ensure that support is provided in order to make the employee, and there fore the company, succeed.

Studies show that in a new hire completes an on-boarding program to acclimate them to the company, combating the harsh reality of poor performance and ethic. As a result, these employees are more likely to stay with the company beyond three years.

An HR Executive will bridge the gap between the company leaders and employees, as many staffing firms and clients can attest, by acting as a liaison. By considering HR Executive recruiters, you’re making a long-term decision to keep your employees satisfied with their positions and reducing the risk of employee turnover.

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