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It used to be possible to succeed as a business and not have a strong online presence. Those days are certainly behind us. In the plugged-in world we live in now, it is just as important to make a good impression online as it is in person. Maintaining a successful online presence doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does have to be handled professionally. These tips should help you get an idea of how to spend your time and effort on your company’s online persona.


Blogging often has a negative connotation associated it, but blogging can help bring more consumers to businesses. Companies that utilize blogging enjoy a 55% increase in traffic to their websites and for companies that are business to business (B2B), blogging generates almost 70% more leads than companies that don’t blog.

Website Layout

Just under 50% of people say that a website’s layout is the number one aspect that determines the credibility of a company. Having an unsuccessful website could destroy your company. Working with a website design firm can help improve your website’s functionality and appearance. There are web development specialists at website design firms that will customize each website for each individual company.

Social Media

Social networking websites aren’t just for teenagers anymore. Having a successful online business is nearly impossible without a successful social media presence. The majority of millennials (63%) say that the number one way they stay updated on brands is on social media. Your company’s values mater, too, because over 50% of millennials say that an organization’s social opinion influences their decision to purchase a product.


It sounds simple enough, but many companies are not taking advantage of the benefits of having videos on their websites. There is over an 85% increase in conversions for companies that have videos on their landing pages. If you’re not comfortable putting videos on your company’s website, employees of a website design firm can assist you.

Search Engine

Search engine optimization (SEO), is extremely important in online marketing. Just under 95% of all online interactions begin with a search engine and it’s all about being at the top of the page. According to a study from Chitika, an online ad network, the top listing on Google receives 33% of the traffic, the second position drops 15%, and it keeps getting lower from there. You can find a successful SEO company with internet marketing professionals that can hep improve your company’s search engine results.

Stay Consistent

All of the above tips can help companies improve their online strategy, but it is important to be consistent across all platforms. All of the various aspects of your company have to work together if you want to have a successful online business.

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