Patient billing software

Healthcare services rely on confidential, safe, and simple billing procedures. Considering the importance of confidentiality with mental illness, this is especially true for behavioral health services. Because of this, finding reliable and secure therapist billing software services is essential for any mental health practice.
Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why mental health billing services are essential to any therapist’s office or mental health organization:

  1. Easier to Use
    For doctors and patients alike, mental health billing software includes a special dashboard or portal that allows all parties to navigate with ease. On this platform, patients and employees can utilize the billing services, set up appointments, track insurance claims, and monitor the office’s performance measures.
  2. More Cost Effective
    The cost of paper is not only taxing on the wallet, but on the environment as well. According to statistics provided by the American Medical Association (AMA), online claims are payments add up to an average of $4 cheaper than paper claims. Though this seems small, it can add up to around $9,000 in savings in annual costs.
  3. A Faster Alternative
    Mental health billing software is a faster means of processing payments. In fact, around 69% of claims end up processed within seven days. Meanwhile, 29% of paper claims are processed that quickly. This kind of efficiency makes office life a little less hectic and more organized.
  4. The Standard
    Did you know that in 2012, 70% of mental health providers said that they received some kind of electronic payment? Mental health billing software is the future, as it provides safe, secure, and inexpensive means of billing patients without wasting time, money, or paper. It’s no surprise that this organizationally efficient method is becoming standard. Not jumping on board could mean consequences for your therapist office.

    Got any questions about mental health billing services? What’s your experience with these services? Let us know in the comments below!

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