Ups battery replacement

Whether you’re using candd batteries, a lead acid battery, or stationary batteries proper battery maintenance programs are required to ensure they safely and efficiently last as long as possible. Today the world battery industry is worth approximately $89.4 billion and is expected to grow to $132 billion by 2016. A lot of this spending is wasteful when you consider half of all batteries thrown out still have 50% of their energy left, according to tone U.S. Army general at a battery conference. In order to save money, time, and energy consumption follow these three battery maintenance tips.

    1.) Storage: Regular battery maintenance is important because even when it’s not being used a battery will release energy. This is called self discharge or “shelf life.” One of the factors that affect a batteries shelf life the most is the conditions in which it’s stored. Generally speaking, as the temperature goes up, so too does the rate of self discharge. In fact, for some batteries the rate doubles for every 10 degrees Celsius raised. Keeping your batteries in a cool (not cold), dry environment is essential to quality battery maintenance.

    2.) Safety Protocol: While you don’t need safety equipment if you’re just using common household batteries, you might for things like car or lead acid ones. If this is the case proper eye, face, and hand protection can save you from getting hurt. Keeping any sort of flame or spark away from batteries is also an obvious, but crucial tip. Finally, make sure to always observe extreme caution when using things like metal tools while working with batteries.

    3.) Battery Testing: No battery maintenance program is complete without regular testing of the unit itself. There are three common ways to test most batteries: Multi-meter, load tester, and specific gravity testing. Each one has specific uses and benefits. Multi-meters are a good way to get a quick look at a batteries life, load testing is somewhat antiquated, but still used by many out of preference, and specific gravity gives a detailed view of good and bad cells.

Batteries are on of the most useful and convenient tools in our society today, but can be quite expensive. That’s one of the reasons the rechargeable market accounts for about $5.5 billion of the global market and more reason to ensure proper battery maintenance to save you time and money.

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