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Many people, especially those from an older generation, are extremely wary about using cloud computing to store their personal information, especially given recent security concerns because of hacking. However, the cloud is increasingly becoming an efficient and useful way for the public sector and large companies to manage large volumes of data — from storing it in a large space to going through it all if necessary. Indeed, the federal government has plans to heavily use cloud computing for IT (information technology) use, in order to cut its data center infrastructure spending by about 30%. If you’re interested in a more efficient way to run your IT services, consider hiring some cloud consultants to run a cloud assessment for your company.
Who’s Using The Cloud?
We all use the cloud — from using mobile cloud services to download apps or music on our phones to businesses storing data and information. Almost 60% of large companies utilize cloud storage, since it’s been shown to better integrate development and operation teams and knowledge. Additionally, about 60% of businesses use cloud computing to easily share data across multiple applications and interfaces. Nothing like making your information sharing easier and more efficient, when you have a million other things to worry about!
The numbers are growing. A little over 50% of organizations have upgraded or revamped the cloud services they already use or are making plans to do so within the next year. A full 60% of companies are partaking in the public cloud, a little under 60% use a private cloud, and almost 20% use a hybrid cloud of some kind. It’s becoming more and more integrated into the way we do business; research conducted recently discovered that about 35% of IT services were done completely or at least partially using the cloud.
How Safe Is Using The Cloud?
It’s getting safer all the time. Government cloud security is becoming more of a priority, especially as more data shifts to the cloud. Experts predict that cloud security services will be in high demand and that market is supposed to reach almost 9 billion dollars by 2019. Faith in the system is shown by the demand for cloud systems; according to the International Data Corporation, public cloud spending is supposed to increase by almost $60 billion dollars in 2016 (from $40 billion in 2012). Although we only hear about the security breaches on the news, truth is that there are millions of files still safe and protected by excellent, top notch security systems in place for companies’ clouds all over the world. And the technology to protect that information continues to grow consistently.
Consider utilizing cloud computing services to expand your company’s IT program in a streamlined and efficient manner.
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