Pos pharmacy system

Retail pharmacy POS systems are incredibly important for the functioning of successful small businesses — not just because these POS systems help pharmacy owners stay organized, keep their costs down, and compete with big chain stores, but also because small and independent pharmacies are the backbone of the American healthcare system in many ways. No matter where you are, you definitely rely on a pharmacy to provide high-quality items when you need them, every single time.

POS systems designed specifically with pharmacies in mind are just a small part in the larger picture — but they play a major role in helping these small businesses stay afloat and provide valuable services to their patients. Here are just a few reasons why Main Street pharmacies, including the one you probably go to, are incredibly important:

  • A lot of drugs are actually sold online, including a large number of prescription drugs that are sold illegally. Additionally, even when it comes to supplements, it’s estimated that at least 10% of all online drugs are counterfeit and are missing their active ingredient. By providing high quality items through a legitimate business, pharmacies never make their patients question the safety of their medications.

  • In 2011 alone, pharmacy and drug store sales were around $231.46 billion — meaning that the rest of the non-prescription items sold at these stores are valuable for customers, and also that pharmacies process a lot of transactions each day and have a big responsibility to keep the personal information of their customers safe.

  • Last but not least, it’s estimated that about 75% of all medical therapy treatments include some form of prescription drug therapy as well — whether it’s a simple antibiotic prescription or a mild painkiller in conjunction with physical therapy, there are many reasons why patients and healthcare professionals alike depend on prescription medicines and need to have access to them on-demand.

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