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When most people think about a business’s marketing campaign, they think about B2C businesses, or businesses that market products/services to consumers. But B2B businesses — those that provide products/services to other businesses, usually in large quantities and sometimes in exchange for other services or products (rather than money) — have a completely different way of handling marketing campaigns. Here’s what you need to know about the fundamental differences between B2C and B2B online marketing best practices:

  • The motive behind a purchase is completely different when a consumer is buying a product and when another business is buying it. Consumers are driven quite a bit by emotions and trends. B2B buyers, however, are driven by a product’s price, its long term value, and any data that can prove the product’s worth.

  • Because of this basic difference, B2C marketing strategies often benefit from using social media and content marketing (like creating and maintaining a blog). These online platforms get consumers interested in the business and get them engaged.

  • B2B and online marketing campaigns work a little bit differently; although some people argue that social media is becoming one of the most influential B2B online marketing trends, it’s difficult for B2B online marketing companies to measure the success of campaigns that use social media sites.

  • The reason it’s so difficult for a B2B internet marketing agency to measure the success of a campaign on social media is because B2B online marketing is essentially something called lead generation marketing. A lead is something that brings the buyer to the vendor, and high-quality leads convert into transactions. Conversion rate optimization services are a main priority of any B2B internet marketing agency.

  • With B2C marketing, it’s possible to start a marketing campaign without having a clear picture of a target audience. With B2B online marketing, the target audience is a very distinct group. It’s essential that a B2B internet marketing agency possesses both marketing/advertising skills and extensive knowledge about the business’s industry, product, and target buyer.

Mastering the art of B2B marketing isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely something that can help any business succeed in the B2B industry.

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