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Helium is a naturally-occurring gas used for a variety of tasks, including natural gas leak detection. Originally discovered by two astronomers, Pierre Janssen and Norman Lockyer, during a spectral analysis of sunlight in 1868, the substance is named after the Greek word for the sun, helios. Helium has a number of useful qualities, including its buoyancy and lack of reactivity, which makes it safe to use in a number of capacities. For this reason, helium is most commonly associated with airships, blimps, and ballons, as it helps these creations float without the risk of fire or explosion.

Despite the many benefits of helium, however, the world is currently experiencing a global shortage of this popular gas. Although it is the second most common element in the universe and is supplied by a number of reserves around the world, the rate of helium usage is currently outpacing the time need to replenish the supply. This means that the cost of helium is now constantly increasing, putting a number of industries at risk, particularly those who rely on helium leak test procedures to ensure the quality and usability of their products.

A popular form of natural gas leak detection, helium leak testing is used by medical device, automobile, and utility manufacturers to prevent product malfunctions, ensure proper packaging and more. Over the course of an average day, you likely use a number of products that have been subjected to leak testing procedures, including cars, refrigerators, air conditioning units, even IV bags. The decreasing amount of available helium therefore affects millions of people who may be at risk of using a faulty or improperly sterilized products. Likewise, thousands of businesses may be unable to weather the financial strain of the increasing costs of leak detection.

Fortunately, there is a solution: air leak tests, another form of natural gas leak detection. Not only are oxygen-based leak tests as effective as helium, but the gas needed to conduct the test is considerably more affordable than costly helium. Moreover, air leak tests are extremely easy to use, and can be conducted on site with the proper materials. If you’re tired of paying for expensive helium to test your products, it’s time for a change: switch to air leak testing today. More information like this.

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