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Need to Ship Something Really, Really Delicate? Click Here!

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Airline container size

Shipping anything, from a book to a server, can be a daunting task for anyone or any business. That is why shipping is such a gigantic international industry! What some people may not know is that there are many sides to transportation. There is the actual shipment of the package, which of course is the whole point. However, there is a prominent yet unappreciated component of the transportation industry, and that is the packaging industry. The international packaging industry makes approximately $500 billion every year and employs up to 5 million people. What they focus on is appropriately and specifically packaging a wide variety of products, making sure each product is secure, clean, and efficiently-packaged.

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Five Ways to Improve Your POS Security for the Holiday Retail Season

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Chicago pos systems

Your POS equipment may be ready for holiday traffic, but is it ready to handle holiday hackers?

Many experts are saying that malware cyberattacks targeting retail and restaurant POS systems will only intensify during the season of giving, so it’s crucial that you prepare your POS equipment to handle these attacks.

So how can you secure your POS equipment for the holidays?

  1. Update Passwords

    Plenty of malware attacks are successful because stores never bothered to change their passwords from “password” or “admin.” Programs that target POS terminals can just fire automatically generated passwords at a remote desktop until they’re granted acc

Global Cloud Computing Set to Grow Fastest in the Middle East

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Atlanta cloud solution service

By 2018, experts have predicted that the global market for cloud computing technologies and equipment will reach an astounding $79.1 billion.

The one corner of the globe where these technologies will be growing faster than anywhere else? The Middle East.

According to a Nov. 18 article from The National, rapid growth in the broadband and smartphone sectors will help fuel the Middle East’s lightning-fast adoption of cloud computing solutions. It’s expected that cloud solutions will grow at a rate of about 54% per year throughout the region, from 31 exabytes in 2013 to an incredible 262 exabytes by 2018.

Just so you know, one exabyte is equivalent to a billion gigabytes. Knowing this, it’s clear that there will be plenty of cloud solution providers throughout Middle Eastern c