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Technology has truly evolved over the last 10 years to give businesses a number of new tools they can use to get themselves noticed online. It’s also produced great tools for hosting beautiful, well designed websites and for fighting off increasingly aggressive cybercriminals. Of all the technology that businesses are using these days to streamline their work and make themselves more profitable, reliable server hosting must be said to be among the most important.

Why Does Reliable Server Hosting Matter?
Reliable server hosting, whether you’re using a cloud hosting service or something a little more traditional, is essential to your business success for a number of reasons. For example, if you rely on a cloud computing company to host your business website, you need to be sure they offer great uptime numbers, ensuring your customers always have access to your wears. Reliable server hosting services give you constant access to your important business data, while helping to keep hostile web entities at bay.

Three Pointers for Tracking Down a Reliable Server Hosting Company

  1. Are You Getting Shared or Dedicated Server Solutions?
  2. As Entrepreneur points out, one of the things to consider when choosing between server hosting companies is what kind of server solutions they actually offer. If they offer shared servers, that means you’ll be sharing servers with other companies; the biggest benefit of this option is the price. However, the cheaper pricing comes with considerable security concerns, as a shared system makes it more likely someone else can gain access to your data.

    Dedicated servers are an extremely popular option. They don’t have the software or hardware restrictions of shared options, and you can be sure no one but you and your tech guy will have access to them. On the other hand, you will pay a premium for a dedicated hosting option.

  3. Look Long and Hard at the Pricing
  4. The advent of the cloud has reduced the cost of hosting websites and other data considerably. Even so, writes Hong Kiat, you need to be aware that there is such a thing as too cheap in the world of server hosting. A company offering hosting for only $1.99 a month, the source writes, has probably chopped a lot of essential services out of their offerings to give you that price.

  5. Dive into Online Reviews
  6. As suggests, online reviews can be an essential resource for narrowing down your choice of hosting providers and choosing a reliable server hosting company. While it’s true that some web users do take to review platforms just to “troll” companies, for the most part, the reviews you see are honest, if not entirely accurate.

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