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Social Media Monitoring for Kids

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Iphone home monitoring

It’s a great big world out there, parents, and it’s never been an easy job keeping your kids safe. But the size of the real world is nothing compared to the size of cyberspace. And it can be every bit as dangerous.

The dangers don’t come from targeted attacks, like malware and viruses (though they’re out there too). The real dangers can come from the places you’re kids voluntarily go — such as social media. Predators don’t need to spend energy tracking down targets if they know where those targets will be. In Africa, the crocodiles stay near the water holes.

As such, parental social media monitoring for kids and teens can be an important tool to Continue Reading No Comments

Search Engine Optimization Can Help Your Business Reach Out to More Customers

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Seo content writing fort myers

Do you own a small business that could benefit from rejuvenating your customer base? Perhaps you’ve been investing in traditional marketing and advertising methods when working on your online reputation management may be more effective. One solution may be found through the use of SEO tools, or search engine optimization tools.

The right Internet marketing agency may be able to help you implement these tools. But to what end? By using quality search engine optimization with the help of relevant keywords, well-placed links to articles, and well-written web copy, a business can improve website rankings so that when prospective customers look for particular products and s

New Jersey Might be Receiving Police Car Video Cameras

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Police in car video systems

For New Jersey Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, pushing for police car video cameras is more than just something he thinks is right for the state — it’s an issue that hits home thanks to his own personal experience with them.

Moriarty’s Case

In 2012, Moriarty was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. Moriarty refused the test, citing that he was afraid the officer could potentially manipulate the results, since he had not been consuming alcohol at all. Moriarty was able to obtain the squad car’s vehicle dash camera, which showed he had not been driving erratically. As a result, the charges against him were dropped, and th