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According to the most recent figures from statistics service Statistic Brain, more than two-billion people across the world now use at least one social media platform. That’s almost every single person currently using the worldwide web. That being the case, any business looking to better connect with its customer base and increase its sales should make a real effort of getting noticed on popular platforms, whether you’re talking about Facebook, Twitter, or otherwise.

As with web design, professional website development, and all the other techniques that are crucial to successfully marketing yourself online, developing a social media strategy is often easier said than done. Does timing matter? What sort of content will get you the most attention? Read on to find the answers to these questions and others.

Four Tips for the Marketing Novice Developing a Social Media Strategy

  1. Harness the Power of Pictures
  2. If you’re having a hard time getting anyone to retweet you or share your status, take a second to evaluate the kind of content you’re sharing. According to KissMetrics, posts featuring images garner 53% more Facebook likes and 104% more comments. Text-based content has its place, but ignoring imagery could lead to web users ignoring you.

  3. Timing is Crucial
  4. As Forbes points out, one of the biggest mistakes businesses make when developing a social media strategy is thinking the timing of their posts don’t matter. Consider, people from around the world, people with different lifestyles and sleeping habits, use social media at different times of the day. Depending on your target audience, you’ll need to take time of activity into consideration when posting your content. Say, for example, the majority of your users are online at 8PM EST. Why wouldn’t you share your content then?

  5. Newsjacking is the Future of Content Marketing
  6. Have you heard the saying “everything is a remix?” In the world of online marketing, this holds especially true. As Social Media Examiner suggests, putting your own riff on popular news, following Twitter trends, and joining in hash-tagged conversations will generate buzz around your business, as all of these things make you look current and relevant. Just remember: newsjacking is about putting your unique twist on events, not plagiarizing what others are doing.

  7. Use Social Media to Make Customer Service a Priority
  8. The real-time, instantly gratifying nature of social media has changed the way customers prefer to interact with businesses. According to statistics from HubShout, 42% of customers who reach out to businesses on social media expect a response in an hour or less. If they’re making a complaint, 72% expect that response in an hour. In other words, use the development of a social media campaign as a way to improve customer service response time. It will make a world of difference.

Do you specialize in website marketing strategies? What advice would you give to those having a hard time developing a social media strategy? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Read more.

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