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If you’re one of the many American entrepreneurs looking to get your business started this year, you already know that you’re coming into a hostile business environment. At last check, according to Forbes, eight out of every 10 new businesses close their doors within 18 months. Unless you want to become just another statistic, you need to utilize every tool in your toolbox to make your business more competitive.

In 2014, the year in which eMarketer says web users will spend $1.5 trillion online, one of the most useful tools you can use is SEO internet marketing. Search engine optimization marketing is the key to getting your business noticed in Google, Bing, and other popular search engines, after all, and that translates directly to more traffic and improved revenue potential. Of course, knowing that search engine optimization techniques are important and knowing what they are two very different things. Follow these tips for a smart SEO campaign that can help your fledgling business succeed.

Four SEO Internet Marketing Tips for the Entrepreneur

  1. Content will Always Be King
  2. As CIO, a popular website covering business technology and marketing strategies, so sagely points out, content has always been and always will be king. That’s why if you’re looking for tips on search engine optimization basics, this is something you’ll see repeated every time. Do you offer your visitors interesting, engaging, and useful content through your company blog? If not, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to generate sales and reputation.

  3. Mobile Internet Marketing Strategies Are Essential
  4. It used to be that you could ignore optimizing your site for mobile web users and get away with it, without suffering too much damage to your revenue figures. However, as Entrepreneur writes, those days are gone. With over 90% of the American population owning a cellphone and the vast majority of them using the web to search for products and services, any business that refuses to optimize its website for the mobile market is going to fail. Period.

  5. Use Great Imagery and Tag It
  6. Whereas before using high quality imagery on your webpage came at the cost of loading speeds and usability, nowadays most organic SEO marketing companies will tell you that imagery is essential to catching your visitors’ eyes and keeping them interested in your page. Just be sure to use alt tags with all of your images, as Search Engine Watch suggests. Optimizing your alt tags with keyword rich descriptions will give search engines more content to catalog your page with, improving your chances of being found.

  7. Quit It with the 2005 Garbage
  8. If you follow none of our other SEO internet marketing tips, at least follow this one. Link farming, mass content production, and other black hat SEO practices are widely considered to be taboo for a reason. Unless you want to be permanently removed from Google SERPs, pay attention to changes in the industry. Natural, ethical SEO is the only way to succeed these days.

Do you have any other SEO tips for new entrepreneurs? Share your advice in the comment section below. Learn more.

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