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Did you know, according to Gartner, worldwide spending on hosted VoIP services is expected to eclipse £2.26 trillion by the end of 2014? With all of the benefits hosted VoIP phone systems offer, it should be no surprise that they are quickly becoming the telecommunications technology of the modern age.

Of course, knowing that hosted VoIP phone systems are useful and popular and knowing why they’re so useful and popular are two very different things. If you’ve been considering making the jump to VoIP but you’re not entirely sold, here are three reasons you need to stop holding back.

Three Reasons to Make the Switch to a Hosted VoIP Phone System

  1. Non Geographic Phone Numbers
  2. As ApartmentTherapy.com writes, one of the biggest benefits of using VoIP solutions, for both business owners and homeowners, is that many VoIP systems come with non geographic phone numbers. Non geographic numbers mean that neither you or your customers ever have to worry about paying long distance phone charges again.

  3. Hosted VoIP Solutions Are ‘Future Proof’
  4. For VoIP-info.org, the fact that hosted VoIP phone systems are future proof is reason enough to make the switch. Consider, when you use a land-line phone system, you have to pay to upgrade your phones, your lines, and whatever other upgrades you need. The same holds true for a private internet phone system. If you need to update your in-house PBX, all of that cost goes to you. On the other hand, by using a hosted VoIP option, you gain access to constantly upgraded technology, without adding any extra costs to your bill.

  5. High Quality Service, Wherever You Are
  6. Have you ever had the experience where you want to get away for a few days with your family or have to get away a few days for business, but you worry about it because you’ll miss important phone calls back in the office? As the Under 30 CEO points out, using a VoIP system gives you the added mobility you’ve been looking for. You can setup a VoIP system to direct calls to your cell, your laptop, home phone, and work phone, meaning you’ll never again have to miss important calls.

As you can now see, hosted VoIP phone systems have become premier technologies for multiple reasons. If you’re tired of spending too much money on telephony services that you’re going to have to pay to upgrade in a few years, what are you waiting for? Make the switch to VoIP today. More on this topic.

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