Channel partner management

It is quite clear that companies that employ channel partner management enjoys greater channel revenue thanks to channel management software. But what is channel partner management? For that matter, what are some of the other industry terms that are associated with cloud computing? To get an idea of what channel partner management and other terms mean, the below is a brief glossary.

The underlying basis for channel partner management is software as a service, or SaaS. The acronym SaaS first appeared in an article called “Strategic Backgrounder: Software as a Service.” This was published internally in 2001 by the eBusiness Division of the Software and Information Industry Association, or SIIA. From its theoretical beginnings, SaaS has become the main distribution system for many types of software, such as office and messaging systems. SaaS is provided by another ISP through a web browser, and is distributed only as the clieont needs it. SaaS is similar in concept to backend as a service, desktop as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service. These are respectively known as BaaS, DaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

Most SaaS is provided through channel partner management. The phrase “channel partner management” refers to a company that sells hardware or software on behalf of the vender. Most channel partner management services are horizontally scalable, meaning they can be installed on multiple machines. Furthermore, these channel partner management services offer a partner portal. This partner portal assists in partner relationship management by offering new promotions or discounts for the client.

The world of SaaS and cloud computing can be confusing to those new to this world. What is not confusing is that channel partner management increases profit margins. With channel partner management, businesses have a more efficient way of connecting with hardware providers and SaaS providers Ultimately, this makes the business ecosystem a more efficient place. Great references here:

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