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    The Importance of the Cutting-Edge Business Web Design

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    Did you know that nearly 45% of web users claim that they often have trouble navigating websites? Sure, some of their “difficulties” can probably be attributed to their own misuse, but it usually has to do with businesses failing to build mobile sites. Now that more than half of all Americans are accessing the web via their mobile devices, mobile site development should be a part of every company’s business web design.

    If you were a web user during the 1990s or early 2000s, you remember the days will dial-up servers and page load rates that moved slower than a snail’s pace. Thankfully, web design and internet technology have come a long way since those days. But the resu

    SEO Proposal Examples Can Help You Sell Your Services

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    As an SEO reseller, you understand important it is to be able to create proposals and reports for your current and potential clients. SEO proposal examples and SEO proposal software are integral tools to your business.
    SEO proposal examples can help you present the benefits to your customers. SEO provides search engine optimization services, and with these SEO proposal examples you can help your clients understand the process, and more importantly the benefits of SEO.
    SEO proposal examples can include statistics, case studies, and references. You will be including many facts, such as the fact that most people will not click on a paid listing, preferring organic listings. Other

    Why Lose Precious TV Watching Time? Get Your Replacement Remote in a Few Days

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    If you are like many Americans, television plays an important role in your life. You probably watch at least an hour a day, maybe even DVR your favorite shows so that you can watch when your children are not around. It may not come as a surprise, then, that in the U.S., Americans own approximately 115.9 televisions. That means hours upon hours of television are watched on a daily basis. In fact, during their lifetime, the average American will have spent 9 years of their life watching TV.

    Perhaps the most important part of a TV, at least nowadays, is the remote control. Unlike the first televisions, and even the ones in the 80’s and early 90’s, today’s TV’s cannot be manually controlled. TV remote controls came into existence back in 1950, when the first one, called “Lazy Bones,” was created by Zenith.