Creating a Successful PPC Campaign

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What is PPC Marketing?

PPC is short for pay per click. It’s a marketing method where a company pays an ad service to be featured at the top of their page, and then every time their link is clicked they pay a small fee to the ad service. Search engines like Google are a great example of this. The top sponsored listings on Google are all paid for by the companies that own them. It may sound counterproductive to have to pay for every click, but generally the item or service being sold brings in a much greater income than the fee that is being paid.

The Importance of Keywords

The art of using SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords is crucial for a PPC marketing campaign. You want to make sure you are using words in your campaign that are highly searched, so that your page will be brought up in results. Tailoring your ads so that they are more likely to pop up