Environmental Chamber Testing allows companies to assess a product’s life cycle or brainstorm
new ideas for their next project. Here’s a closer look at how environmental chamber testing can
help your business.

Design Validation
Companies use design validation to make sure that a product functions properly. Many
companies perform validation testing right before product launch.

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This allows them to correct any errors before it may be too late. Design validation also ensures that the product has the right specifications before launch.

Product Validation
The product validation stage checks for any manufacturing errors. Product validation testing
prevent future lawsuits in the future because companies are able to identify errors that may
harm consumers while they are using the product.

Product Life Cycle Testing
Similar to product validation testing, product life cycle testing analyzes different scenarios that
the product may go through to help predict the likelihood of something happening in the future.

The main benefit of environmental chamber testing is that it helps companies save money.
You’re ensuring that you’re releasing a high quality product on the market, which reduces future warranty costs. You may also gain a competitive advantage because you’re able to market your
product as durable and reliable.
Standard chambers are built to test products of various sizes. However, purchasing a benchtop is
recommended if you are testing smaller products. These environmental chamber test basics should help you launch successful products.

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