In this video, you will learn what kind of sensors is right for you, and what are current sensors. The video provides a summary of different types of current sensors and their important parameters. A screenshot is suggested for quick reference. The focus then shifts to the INA169 analog DC sensor breakout, which is a direct method using a shunt resistor.

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The device is described as easy to use and is commonly used in various applications. The data sheet is recommended for understanding how the device works and for setting it up. It explains the operation and voltage gain values and also provides an application example. The video suggests reading this section carefully. Overall, the INA169 is a popular and straightforward choice for measuring current, and the video encourages viewers to consider whether a direct or indirect method is best suited to their particular project. In general, it’s important to carefully consider your project requirements and choose a current sensor that meets those requirements while fitting within your budget. It’s also a good idea to consult the datasheets and manufacturer recommendations for each sensor you are considering to ensure that it is appropriate for your application.

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