If you’re utilizing wired connections in your home or business, you’re probably using Ethernet cables. These cables allow devices to remain connected on a home network. It’s important to understand that there are several types of Ethernet cables on the market. In this post, you’ll learn the difference between multiple categories of Ethernet cable.

Choosing the Right Type of Ethernet Cable

Considering the popularity of Ethernet cables, it’s important to make the right selection. Choosing the wrong type of Ethernet cable could result in slower speeds. With that in mind, here is more information about popular types of Ethernet cables.

Category 5

These are the latest and greatest cables. That being said, many home and businesses are able to receive more than enough speed by using Cat5 cables. By using these cables, you should expect speeds ranging between 10-100 Mbps.

Category 5e

Many people wonder what the difference is between Cat5 and Cat5e Ethernet cables. This type of cable is enhanced. Therefore, Cat5e or enhanced cables are able to support speeds up to 1000 Mbps. Most new types of cable installations will use Cat5e cables. By using these cables, you’re likely receiving faster speeds while saving money.

Category 6

Cat6 Ethernet cables contain four pairs of copper wiring. This setup allows Cat6 Ethernet cables to maintain a high standard of performance. If you’re looking for more speed, you’ll want to check out these cables. In most cases, Cat6 Ethernet cables are able to support speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Category 7

These cables are still relatively new. Considering that, these will be relatively expensive items. Therefore, these cables don’t maintain the popularity level of Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cables. That being said, these cables are known for extremely fast speeds. In addition, Cat7 cables utilize twisted wires that are shielded. This makes the cables bulkier but less susceptible to damage.

To summarize, there are many types of Ethernet cables. These cables are used primarily to connect wired devices. That being said, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the right Ethernet cables. The main difference between Ethernet cable categories primarily comes down to speed. However, all Ethernet cables are generally known to produce speeds faster than a standard wifi connection.

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