The invention of the internet has completely changed how companies are able to provide products and services to consumers. However, remaining unprotected while sending information through networks can cause serious harm to your business. Many companies could use a helping hand in regards to cybersecurity. As a wide range of computers, tablets, and mobile phones connect through networks, there are certain criminals waiting to strike. These criminals take part in attacks that are known as forms of cybercrime. Unfortunately, cybercrime can affect almost any business at any time. Considering that, you’ll what to learn what cybercrime is and how it affects your company.

How Cybercrime Affects a Business

It’s understandable to wonder what qualifies as cybercrime. These times of crimes generally target important information within the computer database of a company. In addition, many types of computer network attacks can qualify as a form of cybercrime. These attacks can accomplish nearly anything, from stealing information to destroying entire computer networks. With that in mind, here are four major dangers posed by cybercrime.

  1. Stolen Confidential Information

    Each day, data is created and stored throughout multiple departments of a company. With that in mind, certain portions of company information are extremely confidential. Whether this data belongs to the business or your customers, it’s important that it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. In fact, statistics gathered from the first half of 2017 found that 2 billion records were stolen as the result of cybercrime. Shockingly, this number is a 164% increase in cybercrime from the first half of 2016.
  2. The Potential for Decreased Revenue

    Industry experts predict that the costs associated with damage from cybercrime will reach $6 trillion per year by 2021. Cybercrime can affect the revenue of a company in many ways. For instance, hackers could enter into the database of your business and steal important banking information. On the other hand, hackers stealing customer information could leave many people looking to work with your competition.
  3. Damage to Business Computer Systems

    In addition to stolen information, cybercrime can render entire computer systems useless. Unfortunately, unprotected networks pose no real threat to experienced cybercriminals. Once your network has been breached, hackers can begin injecting your expensive business computers with all sorts of malicious software. In fact, statistics gathered from the FBI in 2016 found that were over 4,000 ransomware attacks taking place each day.
  4. Loss of Public Trust in Your Company

    One of the most devastating effects of cybercrime occurs after an attack has finished. In the wake of having a cyber attack, the public will have to be informed that their data could be compromised. You’ve likely seen the devastating effects releasing news of data breaches has had on businesses throughout the world. Considering that, it’s best to keep things protected with the help of network access protection services.

To summarize, cybercrime is a major threat that every business needs to take seriously. However, catching someone committing a cybercrime isn’t as easy as preventing theft in the workplace. These criminals are likely to use special programs that make their information harder to detect. Therefore, it’s wise to have network access protection services on your side. Network access protection services help to keep your business networks safe from unauthorized visitors, especially those with malicious intent. You’ll find that a cybersecurity company will be able to look at and determine the solutions needed in order to provide your company with a secure network.

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