Cell phone repair company

Having your cellphone break is always a drag. There’s nothing like that sinking feeling as you watch your phone, in slow motion, fly out your hand or bag and come crashing to the floor. As you stoop to pick it up from laying face down on the floor, you can only pray that it’s going to be just fine when you turn it over. Alas, it is not. The dreaded cracks fill your screen. So, what to do now? While you can always take it to an iPhone repair company or buy some sort of professional cell phone repair services, there’s a chance that you might be able to fix some problems yourself. Some problems are a little more involved but some of them are quite easy to fix on your own. Here is a list of how to fix some of the more common problems that iPhones have. While a broken screen may require a visit to the store, you may just be able to avoid a visit to the iPhone repair company shop if you have one of the following problems.

What to do when…

The screen freezes
Sometimes, if you have too many apps open or your phone becomes unresponsive, your screen may freeze, making it impossible to do anything on it, no matter what you press. If this happens, trying powering off the phone and then turn it back again. If you are trying to turn it off and it won’t turn off, then trying connecting your phone to your computer or laptop in order to use iTunes to restore the operating system. Keep in mind that this could wipe your phone so make sure that you back up your data before restoring anything from iTunes.

Your phone won’t turn on
The main reason why a phone won’t turn on is because there is something wrong with the battery. If the phone is simply dead, then you’ll need to plug in the charger. Wait for a minute to see if the battery symbol appears. If so, that means it is charging and you’ll need to wait for a few minutes in order for your phone to turn back on again. It should function normally after this. If at all possible, don’t let your phone completely die before charging it. That puts a lot of stress on the battery. If for some reason your phone still won’t turn on, you may need to purchase a new battery. However, before you do that, you might want someone from an iPhone repair company to have a look at your phone.

Your phone won’t turn off
If you are having trouble turning your phone off, then try holding down the power button and the home button simultaneously for five seconds. Even when the Apple logo shoes up, continue to hold. Once the screen is black you can let go. You should be able to turn your phone off and on as normal now. This is what you local iPhone repair company would do if you took it there.

You can’t connect to WiFi
The first thing to do is to make sure that WiFi is enabled in the settings menu. If it is, turn your phone off and back on to try and reconnect with surrounding satellites. If you are still having trouble, restore the settings by holding the home key and power key together. You can also try forcing the phone to forget the saved network by going into the setting and selecting ‘forget’ next to the network name. Turn your phone off and then on again and try to reconnect. You will have to reenter the password so make sure you know it before you ‘forget’ the network.

The half screen won’t go away
The iPhone does this interesting thing where it will offer almost a split screen. Whatever you are working on will slide to the bottom half of the screen but you won’t be able to see the covered portion of the page. I’m not yet sure why it does that but in order to restore it to normal, swipe your finger across the home button without pressing it, several times. This will bring the page back to full screen and you can continue as normal. Read this for more.

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