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Americans are changing the way they access information on the web. In 2014, they used smart phones and tablets more than personal computers for the first time. That is trend that will only grow. One quarter of all search engine searches are now conducted on a mobile device now. Still more than 90% of internet visits start with a search engine so regardless of the device people are using to access the web, good search engine optimization (SEO) remains an important part of anyone’s online marketing strategy. That is why so many companies turn to SEO expert services to help them maximize their web presence.

  1. Get your business onto Google. They will let you create what they call, “Google My Business” account. It allows more people to find you on the web. Make sure you update it with all of your information. This will do several things. The first is that you will show up on local Google searches for the services or goods that you offer. It is also free so there is no reason not to do it. You should also put your physical location on Google Maps. If people cannot find you, they cannot buy from you.
  2. Make your web site mobile friendly. It also needs to be quick. People do not have long attention spans and they will not stay very long at your site if it will not load on their device or if it just takes forever. People are experienced with SEO expert services will tell you that in our world of Twitter, people’s attention spans are so very short. Make sure your web design team understands this.
  3. Look into the keywords that you are using. Sure you have been using them forever but are they working. Try to identify gaps in the current market and go there. You do not want to use all the same keywords that your competitors but you want to stand out, too. See what’s going on your industry that can make your site stand out. Check out Google’s keyword planner and find where your competitors are not.
  4. Take a look at your stats on the Google Search Console. This is something that is good to do. It is another free Google product that can give you a ton of data on how you are currently performing with your site. You can discover a lot of things about the current state of your keywords. SEO consulting experts would have you start by doing some research on yourself.
  5. How well do you know your online audience? SEO expert services companies agree that is very important that you know who your audience is and why they are visiting your site. What are they getting out of the experience? Are they buying your products? Are they reading? What are they doing? You need to understand everything about your online audience. You should ideally find out where else they go online. Is it LinkedIn? Facebook? You will only be more effective at marketing your website when you understand who you are reaching and why. Online marketing companies often tell people to get to know their audience.
  6. Look at your competitors are. A lot of small businesses do not really understand who they are competing with when people search for their specialty. When you look into all of your keywords, pay attention to who else comes up in searches with you. It is interesting how many companies do not do this, say experts from almost any SEO services company. And it takes so little time to actually do it.

Good SEO is not rocket science nor is it a mysterious place but it does take some work. This is why so many businesses buy SEO services. It can be comforting to think you are talking to an expert in something but there are things you can do on your own to improve your website performance that will not break the bank. All of the Google services are totally free and easy to use. Take some time and research where you and your competitors are with your website’s performance. It is what any person who considers themselves to produce SEO expert services would advise you to do.


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